15 Confessions of Foursquare Addicts

1. "I don't check in every time I go to my apartment anymore."

2. "I check in someplace even if I'm just outside of it waiting for someone."

3. "Sometimes I make my significant other wait to leave a restaurant until I've successfully gotten data and checked in."

4. "I check in to two versions of the same place."

5. "I got irrationally excited the first time someone besides me checked into my apartment."

6. "When I was on vacation, I continued to check in to my workplace in order to maintain my mayorship."

7. "I check into every cab I take. I say it's in case I leave something in the cab. It's not."

8. "Half my restaurant visits are nothing more than tactics to reclaim my rightful mayorships."

9. "I'm responsible for putting every one of my friends' apartments on Foursquare."

10. "If I don't check in some place on Foursquare, I feel like I never really went there."

11. "I claim to my non-Foursquare-ing friends that the Specials are the only reason I use it, but let's be real."

12. "I've reported illegal mayorships to Foursquare -- I'm looking at you, Macy's saleswoman."

13. "I check into parks even if I'm just passing through."

14. "Sometimes I check into places with funny-sounding names, just for kicks. Even though I have no intention of actually visiting."

15. "I'm so addicted to checking in that I even check in to awkward places like my bikini wax or a doctor's appointment."