15 Awesome Things You Can Do With a Mason Jar

Mason jars—you’re likely tired of seeing them or even hearing about them if you’ve been to any weddings lately. But they actually have quite a few more uses than just acting as makeshift flower vases! In fact, we found 15 awesome DIY projects you can make using mason jars. 

1. All natural air fresheners

There are lots of tutorials for gel air fresheners in mason jars, but we prefer to go all natural. Following the instructions on Thistlewood Farms’ blog, you can combine herbs with vanilla and water to boil. When you’re finished with your concoction, pour it into the mason jar and enjoy the sweet aroma.

2. Overnight, no-cook refrigerator oatmeal

Picture it: you overslept but woke up starving and late for class. How grateful would you be if these tasty oatmeal treats were waiting for you in the fridge? The Yummy Life has created six tasty flavors to choose from, and they’ll keep for up to two days. Just mix old-fashioned rolled oats, Greek yogurt, milk, chia seeds and the fruits and/or sweetener you want. Shake and put them in the refrigerator. Now, they’re good to go for the next morning!

3. Flower wall mount

We know we said mason jars were more than just makeshift flower vases, but hear us out. This cute wall mount we found on StyleCaster is for an experienced and super crafty DIY-er. While this may not be suitable to hang in a dorm room, it is an adorable way to add some floral flair to your walls if you live in an apartment. Leather straps and scraps of wood are really all you need besides the mason jar itself.

4. Chalkboard tags

There’s a use for every part of a mason jar. And we mean every part. Your extra lids can easily become reusable tags with some chalkboard paint. We love this Hometalk idea for labeling our storage containers and bathroom necessities.

5. Candles

You could buy candles, or you could give them a more personal touch by crafting your own! Something Turquoise not only has very detailed directions but great tips on where to buy your supplies for this project. Who knows? You might come out the other side a real pro.

6. Dates in a jar

This is THE easiest DIY you will ever take part in, thanks to Lauren Conrad. If you’re out of date ideas for you and your SO or you’re looking for a spontaneous way to mix things up in your own life, this is the perfect solution. Take some popsicle sticks and write different activities on them. Place them in a mason jar, and pull from the jar every time you’re looking for something fun to do. 

7. Salads

We love a good salad for lunch. But packing one in just any ‘ole container can leave your mixture soggy and unfit to eat. Thankfully, POPSUGAR has got the fix you’re looking for. Their go-to assembly pattern will erase any fear you had about making your favorite salads portable.

8. Bathroom storage

Mason jars are also a cheap and easy alternative for bathroom storage. Whether you paint them and set them out on your counter—using this DIY Ready tutorial—or hang them from the wall, mason jars are the ideal place to keep your cotton balls, toothbrushes and other bathroom essentials.

9. Piggy bank

Saving for your next big trip or that new pair of shoes you’ve been drooling over? Make a piggy bank to drop your loose change and spare dollars into. You can buy jars with a slotted lid to make this project even simpler. Spray paint and decorate the jar however you want—we especially like this Dukes and Duchesses design. Cha-ching!

10. Photo displays

We’ve seen “snow globe” picture frames before, and we can’t wait to try this one out. With this A Beautiful Mess crafty creation, all you have to do is place a small photo in the jar and turn it upside down. What a cute and unique way to display your pictures!

11. Mini lid pies

Yet another use for your mason jar lids! You can make nearly any type of mini pie with this technique, but The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen’s recipe is for tiny strawberry pies. Yum!

12. Gifts in a jar

Come any holiday or birthday, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for this idea. The spa in a jar—like this one from The Gunny Sack—is one of the most popular ones we’ve seen. But you can basically stuff a bunch of little goodies in a mason jar and forego gift wrap. It’s genius!

13. Coconut and rose body scrub

Make this for yourself or for a friend. The Beauty Department has the best DIY scrubs, and we’re pumped to try out this coconut and rose variation. Not only is it supposed to smell amazing, but it will leave your skin silky smooth.

14. Night light

You’re never too old for a night light! Catching fireflies is one of our favorite pastimes, so this night light from Buzzfeed is perfect and pretty easy to recreate. Three easy steps, and you’ve got yourself a glow-in-the-dark light in a jar.

15. Iced coffee

Want to save some money but dying to drink iced coffee pretty much every minute of the day? With Salt & Wit has a straightforward step-by-step guide for brewing your own. Pour your drink in that handy, dandy mason jar, and you’re off to class.

Which of these mason jar DIYs are you going to attempt, collegiettes?