14 Reasons Why Halloween is Better in College

When you're a kid, you think Halloween can't get any better than trick-or-treating and dressing up like your favorite Disney princess. But then you get to college where Halloween turns into Halloweekend. Here are 14 reasons why Halloween is much more fun in college. 

1. It lasts way longer than one night

Halloween begins at least a week or two before the actual holiday starts. 

2. And that means several different costumes!

You can't wear the same costume two days in a row. Besides, why would you? Buying or making the costume is part of the fun.

3. Costumes are creative, fun and original

4. You could totally do a group costume with your roomies

5. Or one of those cheesy couples costumes with your SO

6. Not feeling it? Costumes can be totally lazy, too

In college, just about anything can be counted as a costume.

7. So. Many. Parties. 

8. Candy is honestly the best

What makes it even better? After Halloween, it all goes on sale for 50-75 percent off!

9. Haunted houses and horror parks are everywhere

Yes, it does still scare the life out of you. No, of course, you are not crying.

10. You can eat treats the entire month leading up to Halloween

You've been pregaming Halloween by baking these since late September.

11. You can go crazy with all the decorations you want

Okay, so maybe you can't go all out like this in your residence hall, but one or two pumpkins with a fake spider web will suffice, right?

12. You don't have to deal with handing out candy to children

Odds are, trick-or-treaters don't come to your residence hall or college apartment complex. More candy for you!

13. Nights are filled with Halloween movie marathons

Finally, your obsession with The Nightmare Before Christmas is justified.

14. Halloween is simply the best time of the year!