14 Easy Decluttering Tricks That Will Transform Your Life

These hacks are not for the girl who needs to clean, but for the girl who just needs a little organization in her life. Here are 14 easy decluttering tricks you can do around your dorm or apartment without much added effort. You can thank us later. 

1. Thread rack jewelry organizer

Repurposing at its best! 

2. Leather and copper makeup organizer

Because makeup bags really just make the mess even bigger. 

3. Toilet paper roll cord organizer

Forget messy, tangled cords with this DIY decluttering hack. 

4. Magnetic strip organizer

Don't waste any more time looking for bobby pins.

5. Old crates

Who knew crates make for great storage bins?

6. Wooden bungee organizer

If you’re in need of some major accessory organization, this hack has you covered.

7. Ice cube tray

Keep your jewelry neat and tidy in individual ice cube tray slots.

8. Toiletries organizer

A simple kitchen utensil tray becomes a toiletries organizer. 

9. Cereal boxes

Revamp those cereal boxes you were just going to throw out anyway! Cut them in half, cover them with colorful paper and use them to divvy up the space in your drawer.

10. Hanging shoe organizer

Use a hanging shoe organizer to store larger beauty products, shoes and even cleaning products. 

11. Spice rack

Create additional shelving in pretty much any room by hanging a spice rack on the inside of your cabinets.

12. Belt holder

Use these to hang belts, scarves, tights, jewelry—you name it!

13. Kitchen lid rack

This is the perfect way to store your clutches when they're not in use.

14. Wire baskets

Use these affordable wire baskets to house books, clothes or towels!