13 Things That Happen On Your First Night Out After Finals

School is out for summer, and you've taken your very last final exam! For once, the only thing on your schedule for the rest of the day is to catch up on sleep. When your friends convince you to go out to celebrate the end of the semester, you're pretty sure your eyes will close before you can take a single sip of a drink, but for some reason, you say yes anyway. Here's what happens when you try to go out after doing nothing but studying for days.

1. Finals are over, and you've never been happier to have a break from school.

Seriously, summer couldn't come fast enough.

2. You haven't slept in four days, but you're pretty sure you got an A on your Chemistry final.


3. All you can think about is when you can finally get a good night's sleep.

It's literally 96 hours overdue.

4. Much to your dismay, your friends have other plans: going out.

*Starts brainstorming hundreds of different ways to say no*

5. You try to decline, but then they get all sentimental about how you won't see each other all summer.

Puppy eyes, really? In college?

6. You decide that maybe, despite the fact that your eyelids are already feeling heavy, you could rally.

Just for a little bit. Two hours, tops.

7. One margarita later, you're feeling much better about your decision to go out.

"Sleep is for the weak," you remind yourself as you force your eyes open to order another drink.

8. Two margaritas later, you feel like you've had five.

Apparently lack of sleep is the key to getting drunker faster. Whoops.

9. Your friends start dragging you from bar to bar, determined that you properly celebrate the end of school.

You'll either kill them or thank them tomorrow.

10. Every conversation you have with every person you talk to revolves around the test or paper you just finished earlier that day.

"I worked so hard," you explain to the bartender. "I think I deserve an A." 

11. Your friends want to take cute pictures, but your eyes are basically closed in every single one.


12. At this point, you hardly know what's going on anymore because you're so tired.

You may look like you're making eyes at a guy across the bar, but really you're fantasizing about your bed.

13. By the time you get home, you've never been happier to go to sleep.

Cue a Sleeping Beauty-esque three-day dead spell. But, hey, at least you made it out!