The 13 Funniest Tweets From #Juno2015

Winter Storm Juno has arrived, and every grocery and liquor store in the Northeast is cleared out. Candles and chocolate have been bought, extra blankets have been added to beds and thousands of people will not sign out of Netflix for 24 hours. When a blizzard with this much buzz hits, everyone has something to say (and tweet) about it. We rounded up the best tweets of #Juno2015 so far.

1. Shout-out to all of the guys who will most definitely be single by Wednesday.

"Where was I? I was at work. I was at work for 48 hours straight."

2. Someone didn't check the weather forecast.

Were you expecting the snow to melt and become a lake?

3. First winter in the Northeast?

*Moves back to California*

4. This extremely important announcement:

It's like Christmas, but BETTER.

5. When reading Fifty Shades of Grey just won't cut it...

Blizzard Bae? Baezzard? No? Okay.

6. Let's face it: You're not getting any steps on your fitness band until you can actually see out your window.


7. These poor, unfortunate souls...

It's okay to cry yourself to sleep. We understand.

8. The honest truth:

Will they all be named Juno??

9. News of Juno goes viral = Your mom goes insane.

"Don't worry, Mom. I stocked up on plenty of water and fruit*."

*vodka and Bagel Bites

10. This is a wonderful and terrible mistake.

What happens? Does anyone have an answer? Is there life after this?

11. Trying to make it to the only open store in your town...

"Hey, can I borrow your alpaca? I'm out of Thin Mints."

12. Warning: Instagram tomorrow could be worse than that time Halloween was on #TBT.

*Is annoyed by everyone's snow instas* *Posts one anyways because *~aRt~*

13. It started off as a fun snow day. It will end in you killing the frat boys across the hall who won't stop blaring music.

Whoops, there goes your sanity.