13 Beach Problems That We Know Too Well

It’s finally summer, which means we’re all hitting the beach ASAP.  While working on our tans can be relaxing and fun, going to the beach comes with its fair share of struggles.

1. Sitting in traffic forever because everyone wants to go to the beach. 

So many cars, so little movement. 

2. Not being able to find an open spot to put your stuff down.  

And once you find it, awkwardly navigating between people's umbrellas and blankets to get there. 

 3. Burning the soles of your feet on the blistering sand.

Ouch, step, ouch, step, ouch, step.

4. Catching the cute lifeguard’s eye and trying to look sexy in the waves…


…and looking awkward instead.

5. Reading a magazine in direct sunlight means getting blinded.

How are we supposed to read about beauty tips if we can’t see?!

6. Melting makeup and tangled, unruly hair.

We were going for an authentic “beach-y” look.

7. Trying to work on your tan but inevitably getting sunburn instead.

Could someone pass the aloe?


In your bag, on your blanket, sticking to your legs, stuck in your sandwich, up your bathing suit, all over the car floor...

9. Day drinking too much and getting super cranky by 3pm.

It’s just so hot and we’re just so hung over.

10. Readjusting your bathing suit in front of everyone.

Gotta fix that wave-induced wedgie.

11. Getting hit in the face by a flying Frisbee/volleyball/football.

Um, ow.

12. Not being able to see your phone screen a.k.a. not being able to Snapchat your beach day.

And then your phone overheats and dies. UGH.

13. Realizing that you’ve been stung by a jellyfish. Twice.

Just a nice jellyfish sting to go with our sunburn.

Despite all this, we still love going to the beach.  Rock on beach beauties!