11 Things Your Period Feels Like

Periods—where do we even begin? How about it's the worst kind of torture any woman could possibly go through? Nothing compares to the cramps, cravings, PMS-ing, bloating and the sore breasts on those days of the month. Here are 11 things your period feels like:

1. Constant AF diarrhea pain

2. Like someone is standing on your lower back in stilettos

3. Like you really have to take a shit

4. Like someone ripped out your ovaries and replaced them with razor blades

5. Like you're being repeatedly kicked in the lower abdomen 

6. This

7. Like you're being stabbed from the inside out

8. A Dementor trying to eat your soul

9. An elf traveling around your body, hitting your head with a hammer, bouncing up and down on your uterus, and pressing nails against your stomach

10. Or mini ninjas trying to kill you from inside

11. Like someone reached into your insides, competed in a Double Dutch Competition…and won