11 First-World Problems Girls Face in Warm Weather

1. Sweating off freshly applied makeup after five minutes of walking outside—and to think of all the time you spent evening out your winged eyeliner!

2. Having to pack away your edgy bomber jackets, thick infinity scarves and tall boots. And say goodbye to cute layered outfits!

3. Your skin turning too dark for your foundation and being too lazy/cheap to buy a summer shade. 

4. Not being able to enjoy warm foods as much as in the colder months. Sure, you’re a sucker for soup, but chicken noodle soup just doesn't sound as good when you can have fruit salads and flavored ice.

5. Having to choose between being blinded by the sun or risking a raccoon tan from your sunglasses.

6. Not being able to wear any of your gray or white tops because you’re afraid of pit stains (even after applying layers of clinical-strength deodorant).

7. Having to inhale your ice cream because you don’t want it to melt all over your hands. You barely have time to appreciate the chocolate chip cookie dough pieces.

8. Constantly worrying about if you need to apply sunscreen when you're outdoors for more than a few minutes. SPF 15? SPF 30? Who knows how long you plan on staying outside?!

9. And when you do apply sunscreen, trying to mask that gross smell by dousing yourself with a gallon of perfume.

10. Enduring tundra-like conditions when you go to a restaurant that turns the air conditioning on too high. It's like they're trying to bring back winter or something!

11. Doing laundry more often because you've exhausted your supply of strapless bras. Somebody should make a law that requires spaghetti-strap tops to have built-in bras.