10 Things To Do Over Winter Break

With winter break in full swing, parties and family gatherings are over and being productive becomes the last thing on our brains. Winter break is a great time to catch up on sleep or watch Dexter reruns, but you definitely shouldn’t waste it lounging in your PJ’s all day! Take advantage of this break from school and stress and get some things done that you usually have no time for. Use some of these ideas to make sure this winter break is the best you’ve had.

1. Read a Book

Your classes this semester may have gotten you burned out on reading for a while, but reading for fun is a lot different than reading for fear of failing the next pop quiz. Check out the bestsellers list in the paper each week, or see what book-turned-movie is coming out this year and read away! Borrowing books from your local library or downloading them on your e-reader will save you cash. Reading something new may give you a new outlook on life, and it will at least give you something to talk about at your next social gathering!  Why not read The Hunger Games, the hit book and now movie franchise!

2. Have a New Friend Visit

You know all those friends you’ve made at college and are now missing? Well stop missing them and pick up the phone! Having friends from college visit you at home allows them to get to know your family and see where you call home. It’s a great time to form a stronger bond with that friend, and a great time to catch up with a friend you’ve been missing.  Just make sure to clear it with your family first!

3. Make a scrapbook

You may have hundreds of pictures from your years of high school and college, and while Facebook is a great place to show off your pics, having a scrapbook filled with those memories will last much longer than the tagged photos. “Scrapbooks are time consuming, but so much fun. Winter break is the perfect time to make one, since college students are so busy during the school year,” said Elizabeth Wagmeister, HC’s UCSB Campus Correspondent. Take a trip to a craft store, gather some supplies and get creative. Grab a sibling or your mom and have them join in on the fun! Printing out pictures is super easy with photo services at stores like CVS and Walgreens. You simply upload your pictures to the site, pick and edit the ones you want and pick them up at the store a few hours later.

4. Take a class

Class may be the last thing on your mind during winter break, but learning a new skill like cake decorating or painting may be just the thing you need to get your brain ready for spring semester. Check at local craft stores or studios to see what classes they offer, get some pals together and become the next Cake Boss (or Picasso!).

5. Make some money

Being a broke college student gets a little old, and while you may have your parents’ fridge full of food now, that comfort won’t be there once you head back to school. See if you can get hired back on at your summer job or ask around about neighbors who need a babysitter. This HC article gives some great tips on ways to make money before heading back to school. There is bound to be a hidden opportunity for cash if you just go look for it!