10 Reasons Why Every Guy Needs a Girl Best Friend

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

We all need a little girl power in our lives—yes, even guys! Skout, the app that lets you expand your social circle and meet new people, surveyed its users and discovered some shocking stats about the status of BFFs among men. It seems they need a few more ladies in their lives. So we’ve rounded up 10 reasons why we think every guy should have a female bestie.

1. Men are lacking when it comes to squad goals.

While women are killing it with their super-strong squads, fellas aren’t having the same luck. In fact, Skout found that 90 percent of women say they have a BFF, whereas only 75 percent of men say they do. Seems guys have got something to learn from us ladies.

2. We give great relationship advice.

What better way is there for guys to figure out women than to step inside the mind of one? Allow us to be the Dear Abby to your Campus Cutie.

3. We’re tapped into our emotions.

We’ll be your shoulder to cry on when things get tough. We also have no objections to sharing a big tub of ice cream with you—if that’s what you want.

4. You’ll always have a go-to plus one.

Need a date for formal or a plus one for your cousin’s wedding? We’re so there! You never have to worry about going solo again, even though you may be forced to endure a slew of questions regarding your relationship status.

5. And we’re down to be your wingwoman at all times.

We know you’re crushing on that girl from your Chem class, and she just so happens to be our friend’s roommate’s little. We’ve got this on lock.

6. We make better friends than guys.

The facts don’t lie, folks. Skout found that of the guys who have a best friend, 53 percent have a BFF who is female. Boom. The era of the bromance appears to be pretty much over.

7. We like you for you.

Honestly, we wouldn’t waste our time hanging out with you if we didn’t like you for exactly who you are. You may get on our nerves sometimes, but that’s part of your charm.

8. We’ll write your texts for you.

But only if you do the same. Are we finally cracking the code of guy-girl texting relationships? We think so!

9. We’re your friend for life.

Face it; once we’re your BFF, you’re stuck with us. Through thick and thin, we’ll be by your side for life.

10. All the best friend duos are guy/girl.

Will and Grace. Taylor and Ed. Joey and Phoebe. Hermione and Harry. Leslie and Ron. The list goes on and on. Who wouldn’t want to be like these famous friends?

The next time one of your guy friends is less than appreciative of your companionship, give him the scoop. There’s nothing better for a guy than to call a girl his BFF. Still in search of the perfect male friend? Make sure you scope out Skout to expand your social circle.