10 Easy DIY Homemade Holiday Gifts

Time to hone your crafting and creativity to whip up a gorgeous holiday gift.

Handmade Friendship Bracelets
They're better than the ones you made as a kid, but they still carry the same loving sentiment.

Paper Star Lantern
An easy-to-make decoration to light up your friend's room!

Plant Terrarium
Pretty and personal, these plant terrariums only cost $5 to put together.

Gemstone Soaps
Believe it or not, you already have most of the soap ingredients around already.

Inspirational Sharpie Mugs
Practice your handwriting and get to work! Follow instructions to make this permanent.

Instagram Box
Fill this crafty box with special memories.

Hand Warmers
Your friends will be forever grateful for these in the winter.

Mason Jar Glitter Candles
Finally, something for you to do with all of your old candles!

Rudolph's Gift Card
If you're only giving cash or a gift card, make it personal with this adorable envelope.

Pom Pom Sweater
Turn an old sweater into a meaningful gift.