The 10 Cutest Laptop Cases for Back to School

Going to college means carrying your laptop everywhere and somehow trying to avoid damaging it. The best way to do this is to invest in a laptop case or shell so that your computer is protected when you’re walking around campus. But just because a case is functional doesn’t mean it has to be ugly! We’ve come up with our 11 most stylish but most effective laptop cases – check them out!

1. Speck SeeThru 13" Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Pro from Target, $49.95

If you have a MacBook Pro, this cute shell is perfect for protecting your laptop – and super popular among students. It comes in a range of different colors and is available for MacBook Air laptops as well; they’re all available at Target!

2. Uncommon Lady Dots 13" Laptop Sleeve from Target, $29.99

This sleeve is a little more budget-friendly and is suitable for both Macs and PCs. It gives your laptop exterior protection and even has an internal no-scratch lining to make sure that your laptop stays pristine – exactly what you need.

3. Jonathan Adler Laptop Sleeve from Dormify, $23.20

This cute laptop case is great because it also has a pocket for your notes on the front. Not only does it protect your laptop and come in a range of cute designs, but it also means that you don’t need to keep your lecture notes elsewhere, since you can just keep them with your laptop! Just be sure not to forget your laptop case when you go to class, or you’ll forget everything!

4. Le Pliage Document Holder from Longchamp, $95

So this is a serious splurge purchase, but it is so gorgeous! Many of you may already have a Longchamp bag, so what’s better than having your laptop case match your bag? It comes in a range of gorgeous colors, but we love the new Clay color in particular!

5. Cooperative Plaid Laptop Case from Urban Outfitters, $29

If plaid is your thing, then this laptop case is perfect for you.  It also comes in three different types of plaid: neutral, green, and orange. This case is padded and lined for a little extra protection, so it’s just that much more student resistant!