The 10 Best Female Collegiate A Cappella Groups

Deny it all you want, but we both know that you love to sing. Anywhere and everywhere: in your car, in the shower and even in your dorm (once your roommate has left for that grueling 8 a.m.). And after seeing Pitch Perfect approximately a thousand times, you’ve become obsessed with a cappella groups. You’ve already seen our picks for the best a cappella groups in the country, but it’s time to give that list a dash of girl power. Check out the 10 best female a cappella groups in the country. We have a sneaking suspicion you’ll be singing along to these groups’ amazing covers!

10. Daughters of Triton (University of California, San Diego)

These girls are so good, they might as well be Ariel’s group of singing sisters from The Little Mermaid. Founded in 2000, the Daughters of Triton are loved on both a university-wide and national level. Not only have they performed at several UCSD events, the a cappella group has also participated in the California Los Angeles A Cappella Festival. Additionally, the DOTs competed at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (a.k.a. ICCA) and won the Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance’s talent show in 2009. While V V Brown’s  “Shark In the Water” is their go-to song, we also love the group’s rendition of “Call Me Maybe.”

9. Out of the Blue (Duke University)

As Duke University’s oldest female a cappella group, Out of the Blue is an international sensation. Need proof? From belting their hearts out on Turkish television (yes, you read that correctly) to singing at Carnegie Hall, the a cappella group has performed everywhere. But if you want to hear them in the comfort of your own dorm room, OOTB has been featured on several compilation albums, such as “Best of College A Cappella” (a.k.a. BOCA) in 2007 and “Voices Only” in 2012. Nothing like unwinding to some Beyoncé or Imagine Dragons covers after a long day of school!

8. Terpsichore (Boston University)

With 23 years of musical bliss under their belts, Terpsichore is Boston University’s oldest a cappella group. Performing songs like Maroon 5’s “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” and the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris”, this group is loved for its eclectic repertoire. In 2009, the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (a.k.a. CARAs) awarded Terpsichore with awards for Best Female Collegiate Solo and Best Female Collegiate Arrangement. Not to mention the group’s arrangement of “There’s Hope” was featured on “Voices Only” in 2008. Where can we get our hands on a copy?

7. Pitch, Please (Northeastern University)

From decking the halls at Copley Mall to belting their hearts out at collegiette-approved bars, Pitch, Please is a pretty big deal in Boston. And after hearing their show-stopping covers of songs like Adele’s “Hometown Glory,” we can’t help but love them too.  In 2013, this group tied with the University of Oregon’s Divisi (who are also on our list!) for “Favorite Female Collegiate Group” at the A Cappella Community Awards. And is it just us, or does their cover of “My Kind Of Love/ Titanium” also remind you of Pitch Perfect? Pretty impressive for a group whose first gig was in 2012!

6. Significant Others (Northwestern University)

How could you not love a group who sings hits like as “Can’t Make You Love Me” and “Call Your Girlfriend” ? Exactly. Though Significant Others only has three annual performances on campus, the group can often be spotted bringing musical cheer to the Chicago metro area. Does this group sound familiar to you? Sig O auditioned for season two of NBC’s The Sing-Off and made it to the contracting phase of the competition show. Casual.