What You Need to Know About Social Impact Travel

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Taking travelers into the heart of communities to connect with locals on a deeper level, Fathom Travel’s Cruise for the Caribbean trip blew us away with experiences enriching for the eyes, the mind, and most importantly, the heart.

Our week-long journey with Fathom Travel took us to Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and the Dominican Republic, visiting and collaborating with communities devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria. The Fathom travel experience brings together those seeking meaning in their journeys around the world and allows these travelers to find that meaning by putting them into close and intimate interactions with local communities in need. We’ve shared stories, embraces, and bellies full of laughter with some very special people from each of these islands, with Fathom organizing everything from beach cleanups and art therapy in St. Maarten, donation drives and community outreach in St. Thomas, and home re-construction in the Dominican Republic!

The Fathom Mission

The mission of Fathom cruises? Social impact travel. That is, to establish meaningful connections with locals and other travelers, coming together to make a positive impact in local communities.

Fathom cruises bring the world closer together by allowing travelers to participate alongside locals in a shared vision. While onboard with Fathom, travelers have the option to take part in special seminars to get the most out of the social impact cruise. In special Fathom Travel gatherings, travelers get the chance to meet like-minded fellow travelers who will come together in Fathom cruise shore excursions. On the ground with Fathom Travel, you’ll be able to enjoy opportunities to meet and interact with the local communities in ways that actually improve their lives: much more than a simple buy-and-sell transaction.

Social Impact Travel

The goal of Fathom cruises is to be much more than a typical cruise: it’s to inspire travelers to become a part of something bigger than themselves while also helping them explore in their own ways. By guiding people to have deep travel experiences, Fathom hopes to inspire cruisers to make meaningful connections with the world around them, and to carry this inspiration into all aspects of their lives, not just while on the Fathom cruise line.

The beauty of Fathom cruises is in capturing the hearts of those who would be going on a cruise anyway and choose to shift the focus of the cruise in promotion of social impact travel. And the results? We were blown away by what the Fathom team as a whole was able to accomplish together! 

Our very own Fathom social impact travel cruise raised over $15,000 for over 200 families in St. Thomasbuilt homes entirely from the ground up and repaired a school building in the Dominican Republic, collected 1.5 tons of garbage from nesting areas of sea turtles in St. Maarten, planted 400 mahogany seedlings, assembled several tables and painted rooms, and donated thousands more dollars to the various organizations we collaborated with throughout the Caribbean. Now that’s a way to enjoy your Cruise for the Caribbean!

Fathom Onshore Activities

From crystal clear waters to community engagement and rebuilding efforts across the Caribbean, the Fathom onshore activities provide meaningful interactions with local communities directly affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Our Fathom social impact travel experience has been an emotional ride bringing us to the heart of these beautiful communities throughout the Caribbean. 

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