7 Things 'That’s So Raven' Taught Us About Life

If you were a late 1990s baby, you most definitely watched at least one “That’s So Raven” episode on Disney Channel and emulated teen psychic Raven Baxter as she saw into the future, pursued her dream of becoming a fashion designer and maneuvered her way through so many crazy scenarios. Even though the show has gone off and Disney Channel is no longer included in our DVRs, we still have the memories. But with a possible That’s So Raven reunion coming to fruition, it still shows that Raven is and still teaching us about (and predicting) our lives.

1. Most of the time your parents are right.

We always know that our parents mean well, but often times they sound like a broken record telling us what to do and what not to do. However, there are always comes a time when we wished we could have reversed time and done exactly what our parents told us to, like when we unknowingly accept a prince’s marriage proposal. And even though it was embarrassing, Mrs. Baxter was right in the way she interpreted Romeo and Juliet!

2. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something.

Raven never let anyone tell her she couldn’t do something and usually went through every trick in the book to find some way to do the impossible. This rang especially true when she fought against a racist clothing store manager or modeled her fashion designs on the stage that tried to tell her she didn’t have “the look.”

3. Never be afraid to break out in song.

Even at the worst times, Raven had a moral obligation to herself to dance whenever she heard "her jam," and by doing so, she gave us one of the first versions of twerking ever seen on national television.

4. Health is incredibly important.

With Chelsea being a vegetarian, she and Raven had a few disagreements over what was the right thing to eat and wear, but they teamed up together to stop the fast food company that took over their cafeteria, showing that a five-foot hot dog may not have been the best thing to put in your mouth.

5. When it comes to friends, it’s about quality not quantity.

Raven, Eddie and Chelsea had their ups and downs, but proved that real friends are the ones that can power through the good and bad times and still come out on top. Because only real friends would search an entire ice cream machine for a ring, pretend to be a statue in place of the one that broke, and take care of a goat together.

6. You can always look to your family for support.

Family is complicated, but when things are rough, they will usually be there (sometimes with an “I told you so”) a solution. Even from the younger sibling you call “a little nasty.”

7. Every collegiette needs a catchphrase.

Finally, Raven had a million little catchphrases that always represented the moment she was in and lightened the mood. From “Oh Snap” to “Ya Nasty,” Raven gave us plenty of phrases to use in any situation, especially the ones she predicted herself being in.

Tell us, collegiettes, what did "That’s So Raven" teach you about life?