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5 Easy Ways to Give Your Dorm Room Some Extra Style

Now that you’re all moved in at school and settling into your class schedule, now is the time to fill in those blanks on your walls and add a few pops of color to your dorm room. There’s no need to waste time searching the Internet or department stores for dorm-appropriate decorations, though, because thankfully, Our Campus Market, or OCM.com, has you covered. OCM has those affordable, unique accents to easily take your room from standard-issue to stylish and personalized. Below, find a few of our favorite picks of what they have to offer!

If you’re looking to add a bit of sophisticated flair to your extra-long twin, check out OCM’s selection of photo-printed throw pillows. Whether you’re a Paris-loving Francophile or an Audrey Hepburn acolyte, you’ll be sure to find something to fit your taste.

To make your 300 square feet a little more homey, look into putting a rug on the floor: it makes being barefoot a no-brainer, and it’s a great way to add some color to an otherwise drab room. OCM has a wide range of colors of shag rugs to easily coordinate with your bedding. Plus, who doesn’t love a little seventies throwback once and a while?

In terms of posters, OCM has a great selection for everyone, with selections ranging from fine art to inspirational quotes to shots of your favorite cities’ skylines. Whether you want to pay a tribute to Marilyn Monroe or dream of relaxing at a far-off beach, you’ll want to peruse OCM’s choices, which are remarkably well priced.

Looking for a more creative way to hang your photos? Get rid of the sticky-tac and check out OCM’s Tangle Photo Frame . With room for up to fourteen photos or postcards, you can keep pictures of your family and friends from home nearby at all times.

If you feel your room is seriously lacking in class, look no further than OCM’s plethora of wall decals. Our favorite is by far the chandelier – it doesn’t get classier than that – but other favorites included the Jonathan Adler message boards and the Pair of Night Owls decal. Plus, they’re removable, so if you feel like redecorating, or want to use them next year, it’s no problem.

Be sure to check out the rest of OCM’s online offerings here to make some selections of your own!

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Emilie Sintobin is a senior at Boston College studying French and Art History. A diehard fashion enthusiast and francophile, she dreams of the day she can return to Paris, where she spent a semester studying abroad last year. This fall, in addition to writing for Her Campus BC, she is also joining the Her Campus National team as an editorial intern. In her spare time, Emilie devours the pages of Vogue Paris and W, loves listening to oldies tunes, and can't get enough of a good old-fashioned dance party.
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