Campus Manager

Campus Manager

Company Description

University Tees is a custom apparel company specializing in the collegiate market. Starting in our founder’s dorm room, we have grown to become the best custom apparel experience. Our team consists of 200 people at headquarters and 700+ people working remotely from over 300 campuses across the country.

Job Description

If you’re known as the social butterfly on campus who’s passionate about making people happy, this is the position for you! As a campus manager, your primary goal is to deliver happiness in the form of custom apparel to your collegiate customers.

The CM acts a liaison between our corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio and the college organizations we aim to work with.  You will be networking with hundreds of student organizations, implementing marketing campaigns, and developing social media promotions.

Whether you are motivated by money, building your network, building your own successful business on your campus, to better prepare yourself for life after college, or to just help students on your campus, University Tees will be there every step of the way to turn that vision into a reality.

University Tees accepts students of all majors; regardless of post-graduate plans.  Whether you plan to enter medical school or go right into the work force after college, the CM position will undoubtedly give you an incredibly unique experience that will make you stand out from the competition.

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