How To Narrow Down Your List Of Colleges During Senior Year

4. Consider your major

If you have a major or even a general field of study in mind, that can help narrow down your options enormously. Research the departments you're interested in at each school on your list and see how they stack up against each other. Does one school have a significantly better reputation for its business major than another school? (Talk to your guidance counselor or check out the message boards on College Confidential to compare schools.) Are you sure you want to major in English at a school that's geared towards science majors? Keep in mind that your desired major may change, but if you're seton majoring something pre-professional, like pre-med or pre-business, a school with a heavy liberal arts focus might not be your favorite choice. College should be first and foremost about academics – so consider them carefully before you make a decision!

5. Flip a coin

No one would ever tell you to pick a school based on something as silly as a coin toss. But flipping a coin can help reveal how you really feel about a decision. First, label each side of the coin. Let's say heads means you'll go to College A and tails means you'll go to College B. Flip the coin in the air and don't try to influence the outcome.

Let's say you get heads – College A. Are you disappointed? Relieved? Regardless of the outcome, you might get some insight into how you're really feeling. You might have a preference and not even realize it!


Still stuck? You have until May 1st to decide. Good luck with your decision!