Lies & Truths Pop Culture Told You About Your Twenties

When you were a young and carefree teen watching Friends or Gossip Girl, you probably thought that your life would turn out just like that of the characters on the screen. Fast-forward ten years (give or take), and you're a twentysomething with a bone to pick with pop culture's depiction of your most recent decade. Sure, some things were spot on, like the reality of working your way up the ladder before getting your dream job.” (The Devil Wears Prada), but much of pop culture straight up lied to us. Here are seven times pop culture lied (and told the truth!) about life in your twenties.

1. Truth: Your twenties are going to be full of change

Glee got it right when they said your twenties would be full of life-altering events. When Rachel makes a big move to New York to attend New York Academy of Dramatic Arts, we are let in on her period of adjustment to the bright lights and big city. Luckily, her good friend Kurt ends up there too! It's moments like these that perfectly mimic the drama that is our twenties.

Lie: You will move into a cozy and cute apartment in New York City

Rachel and Kurt’s apartment was a far cry from reality. Moving to a big city like New York is very expensive. In real life, their nice digs would be replaced with more humble beginnings. 

2. Truth: You may feel bad when your high school reunion comes around because you’ll feel like you haven’t accomplished anything

Jane was nervous to attend her high school reunion because she felt that she had nothing to show for the past few years of her life, and you too may feel that way when the big day comes around. Never fear however, for just like Jane's mother, Xiomara, assures her, you too have some great things to be proud of. By this time you’ve graduated college and that’s a big deal!

Lie: Your high school enemy will apologize to you at the high school reunion

At their high school reunion, Jane’s worst enemy apologizes for her mean girl antics. If you’re thinking that everyone who stepped on your toes will recognize the error of their ways, think again. Just have a good time and celebrate how far you have come since graduating.

3. Truth: Your bank account may leave much to be desired in your twenties

If there is one thing that the 2 Broke Girls gang gets right about our coming of age decade, it's that money is hard to come by. Max and Caroline manage to survive while working toward their dream of running their own cupcake business. They make do. In reality, the struggle is real whether you are living with your parents or on your own.

Lie: You can make fun of your boss and get away with it

Yes, Max and Caroline regularly roast their boss Han. In real life, that probably won't fly if you want to keep your job. So no matter how tempting it is to crack a joke on your boss, keep your snide remarks to yourself.

4. Truth: You will have to work your way up to your dream job.

Whatever your age is, you won't become Miranda Priestley overnight. It wasn't until Andrea worked hard and paid her dues in the fashion industry that was she able to get her dream job working for a newspaper. So buckle up and work hard because it will pay off in the end.

Lie: You’ll get the job, even if you don't dress the part in the interview

Andy was lucky. She scored a major position with one of the top magazines in the country, even though her interview attire was a far cry from fine. The real world is not so forgiving. Dust off  that business attire manual from Career Services you have stashed in your closet and prepare for your interview the right way.

5. Truth: Falling in love is not a fairy tale

500 Days of Summer keeps it real about relationships in our twenties. You meet someone and go on a few dates. Maybe it evolves into something and maybe it doesn't. Heartbreak  may be a part of that deal but, like it does for Tom, time will heal all.

Lie: You'll never be truly happy until you find your soulmate

In the beginning of 500 Days of Summer, Tom really wants to find love and believes that he needs it in order to be happy. In your twenties, you may start receiving invites to weddings or seeing everyone coupled up on Facebook. But don't fall into the pit of believing that you NEED to be with someone. Enjoy your singlehood and seek your own happiness.

6. Truth: You might have to have roommates in your twenties

Your days of checking in with your roommate before bringing guest over may not be over. Just like Jess, you might have to revert back to your college dorm days and share a space. Don’t worry. You’ve gotten through it once, and you’ll make it through again. Who knows? Your post-college roommates could end up being your new besties.

Lie: You won’t have to talk about budgeting or being broke

Is it just us or do the characters of New Girl always seem to be going on trips and buying new clothes? They rarely talk about a budget or the realities of adult life (like having less “turn-up” money because you have to pay your loans). If only life were that easy…

7. Truth: Your love life may seem like a Blair and Chuck scene

Don’t count on your dating-life being as dramatic but with all of the things going on in your life, (work, family, friends, following your dreams) you may find dating a bit difficult. Don’t fret. True love (and like) always prevails.

Lie: Your wardrobe will look like Blair or Serena’s

Blair and Serena’s friendship was solidified by their impeccable fashion sense. Decked in the latest trends, the duo made us want to rock their chic look in New York City. However, things didn’t exactly go that way; Forever 21 might be our version of Bergdorfs. But hey, you can still rock the Blair and Serena look on a budget!

While some things depicted on our TV screens were totally relatable, you can't take everything from pop culture to heart. This marvelous journey called our twenties may not include fairy tale love or awesome musical numbers but you can count it being a wonderful adventure; one that will be better than any episode of Glee could ever be.