15 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Looking for a Job

Whether you’re fresh out of college looking for a full-time job or trying to fill the empty space your class schedule has left you with, the job search is tough. So it’s inevitable that every girl on the hunt for a job has these 15 thoughts.

1. I don’t know why people are always complaining about not being able to find a job.

Jobs obviously grow on trees because there’s so many listed online. And the Internet is never misleading.

2. My résumé is okay, I guess.

Granted, I wrote it three years ago, but if I change it I might mess up the formatting.

3. Do I have to write a different cover letter for every application?

Maybe I could just copy and paste the info from the job listing instead.

4. I wonder if my LinkedIn is actually useful for something other than bragging about my short list of accomplishments.

What are all these endorsements I got from working on group projects good for anyway?

5. How long can I get away with this “looking for a job” excuse? Because I’m quite enjoying my free time.

The jobs I’ve looked at just don’t seem right for me. What does seem right? Spending entire weekdays in my pajamas binge-watching Dawson’s Creek.

6. Does this job pay? Preferably money, please.

If I see one more unpaid internship that’s perfect for me but nada on the moolah, I’m going to come unhinged.

7. Submitting job applications is so much work that it should be considered a job.

So tired. Need brain break.

8. I’m never going to find a job.

Is eating a whole pizza by myself considered a skill worthy of employment? *crossing fingers hopefully*

9. This is why I should’ve networked more.

So this is what networking is supposed to be all about. Hmm… it sounds like a good idea. But then again so did getting bangs.

10. My life is all about the B.S.

Yes, I have ten years of experience in my chosen field.

11. So I’ve wasted my time and money on a college education for what now?

Going to college was supposed to increase my chances of becoming a productive member of society.

12. Why has no one responded to me yet?

Is my email even working? I’ve refreshed it, like, 70 times today and still nothing.

13. Do I really need a job?

I’d probably do okay living with my parents for the rest of my life.

14. This is so not my dream job.

I don’t want to settle, but I’ve got to start somewhere.

15. Whatever I end up doing, one thing’s for sure: I’m going to kill at being employed!

I’ve got this whole real world thing down!