13 Ways Leslie Knope Inspires Your Work Self

Starting your first job out of college can be a stressful experience. Even if you have interned at plenty of other companies and organizations, things are different now. You aren't just an intern anymore—you're an employee. Everything you do from this point forward, from how you dress to how you act to how you do your job, won't reflect on somebody else, it will reflect on you. That's a lot of pressure! 

Since it's your first post-graduation gig, you want to make a great impression. Thankfully, you've got Leslie Knope to look to for inspiration! She has just the work ethic, go-getter attitude and professional wardrobe you need to be successful as a new member of the work force. Here's why you should use Leslie Knope as the inspiration for your work self.  

1. She always looks professional and put together. 

2. She is confident in her value as an employee. 

3. She can handle constructive criticism. 

4. She knows how to get straight to the point without unnecessary pontificating. 

5. She is the queen of organization. 

6. She gets that there will almost always be workplace drama, but she doesn't worry about it. 

7. She knows how to keep a positive attitude in the office. 

8. She is always prepared for any task that is thrown her way.

9. She strives to improve things and make them the best they can be. 

10. She knows how to handle herself in stressful situations.

11. She understands the importance of having friends in the workplace. 

12. She has a clear idea of what she wants: to be a winner.

13. Most of all, she knows that work is an important part of life, but she also knows it's not the only important part.