12 Feelings All Post Grads Have About Not Going Back to College

It's the end of "summer break" and the start of a new school year. As the college kids prepare for life back on campus and the never-ending party that is college, you continue being a "real person." Your life consists of early morning wake-ups, work, chores, bills and all the other stuff that comes with adulthood. Meanwhile in college, students all over get to experience the excitement of theme parties, all-nighters, free food, football games and more. Although being an alumna is fun and all, you wish you could snap your fingers and go back to your freshman year of college. Here are 12 feelings all post grads have about not going back to school.

1. First you feel nostalgic. 

"I love this time of the year -- it reminds me of football games, tailgating, syllabus week and reuniting with my besties."

2. Then you're in denial.

"Just because I graduated doesn't mean I can't do it all over again. Right?"

3. Your friends' younger siblings move into your freshman dorm and suddenly you feel so old. 

"Why do we have to grow up?"

4. You remember how stressful packing for college was and are glad you don't have to do that again. 

"I definitely don't miss craming everything into a 10x10 space."

5. But then you realize that you don't live with your BFFs anymore

"In college, we saw each other every day. Now we only see each other a couple times a year."

6. You see pictures of welcome week festivities and have a major FOMO.

"What do you mean there are no frat parties in the real world?" 

7. You realize your social life is no where near what it was in college. 

"My idea of a night out is picking up a carryout."

8. Thirsty Thursdays were so much easier when you could sleep in all day on Fridays. 

"You mean I can't wait till after noon to schedule anything?"

9. Suddenly the shock sets in. 

"How did college go by so quickly?" 

10. You feel super jealous of the college kids.

"Enjoy this magical time in your life. The real world is hard."

11. You consider quitting your job and going back to college.

"What do you mean I can't be a super super super senior?"

12. Eventually you accept that you're a big girl living in the real world. 

"College will always hold a special place in my heart."