10 Thoughts You Have on Your Daily Commute to Work

Stuck in the A.M. work crowd or waiting on a train that's 20 minutes late? We've been there. With your earbuds in and music turned up loud, you brave the commute to and from work on public transportation. It may be a rite of passage in the real world, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Here are 10 thoughts all college grads have during a grueling morning commute.

1. You get up extra early to avoid the morning rush, but apparently everyone else had the same idea.

2. To top it off, the trains are late and you realize that Google Maps was lying to you.

3. You put in your earbuds and stare at your phone, but that one chatty man wants to tell you his life story.

4. Someone decides that your shoulder makes a great pillow.

5. You accidentally get off several blocks away from your office and you're already late.

6. On your way home, it starts to rain—of course, on the one day you don't have your umbrella.

7. You're stuck in evening traffic... and your favorite show comes on in an hour.

8. You desperately want to finish off your leftovers from lunch, but everybody around you is throwing you dirty looks.

9. Of course, the subway station where you have to get off to transfer is a stop where you don't get cell service, meaning you can't even text your friends.

10. After realizing this commute will be a daily occurrence, you start to question why you ever decided to become a real adult.

Your daily commute is (literally) full of twists and turns when you're taking public transportation. From avoiding eye contact with all strangers to making it to your job in the nick of time, you've become quite the public transportation pro. It's hard, but somebody's got to do it... until you get a car that is.