Her Campus & The Huffington Post Look Inside: How College Students Are Giving Back In Response to the Recession

It’s no secret that the recession hit almost all of us hard—college students included.  With high tuition bills to pay and little income to speak of (often even a negative income as many of us take unpaid internships in expensive cities), we as college students make up one group that felt the brunt of the country’s economic meltdown.  But instead of looking at how college students have been impacted personally as a result of the recession, we chose to take a look at the flip side—how college students are giving back in response to the recession. 

In a joint project with The Huffington Post, we called on Her Campus’s team of top student journalists at colleges across the country to find out how students on their campuses are using their position as college students to help those in need, both on campus and in the surrounding communities.  And the response was overwhelming. 

Published both here and on The Huffington Post, we’ll share with you eight inspiring stories by Her Campus writers at eight different campuses sprinkled across the country: Barnard College, Boston University, Rutgers University, SUNY-Purchase, University of Illinois-Chicago, Wake Forest University, Washington University in St. Louis, and University of Oregon, who share the unique way that students at their schools are using their role as college students to do something positive and give back—doing everything from volunteering at local elementary schools, to quitting their prestigious i-banking jobs in pursuit of social service, to taking innovative and forward-thinking courses, to offering services to fellow students from tech help to manicures at discounted prices.

HerCampus.com is an online magazine for college women that individualizes its content college-by-college by establishing branches at schools across the country, supplementing national content with local content, produced entirely by a team of 500+ students at 60+ colleges across the country.  Her Campus’s mission is to serve as a career launching point for the nation’s top student journalists by providing them with a national platform for their work, as well as to provide a model for the future of online magazines by individualizing content.

Our expansive network allows us to gain insight into the trends, attitudes, and behaviors of college students on the ground at schools across the country, keeping pulse with this fast-moving demographic.  It allows us to shed light on critical themes and explore critical events occurring on campuses all across the country, as we have done here in taking a look at how college students nationwide are giving back in response to the recession.

Stephanie Kaplan, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, HerCampus.com


Read these eight empowering stories and also check them out in The Huffington Post’s College section: 

Amidst the Recession, Janelle Summerville Rocks Out by Kelsey Garvey, Wake Forest University

Madison Mayster: Helping the Blind in the Recession by Allie Klein, Washington University at St. Louis

Nina Spierer: Accountant Turned Art Activist by Rachel Peck, Barnard College

Renzo Pisa Trades Banking for Backpacks by Patricia Ball, Boston University

Rebuilding Oregon Through a University by Ainslie Forsum, Oregon University

Recession Profile: Erin Cho & the Chicago Urban Program (CUP) by Lisa Moy, University of Illinois Chicago

Students at SUNY Purchase Find Creative Ways to Give Back by Gabriele Fiore Boland, SUNY Purchase

Budget Cuts and the Recession at Rutgers by Olivia Prentzel, Rutgers University