6 Life Hacks You Need to Know This Summer

You know what rewarding feeling you get when you discover a cheat code for a game? Well, think of this list as your cheat codes for common summer problems. These clever solutions use common ingredients lying around your home to fight sweat stains, burns, and everything else unpleasant about summer!

1. Deodorize at bedtime

Apply deodorant before you go to bed. According to totalbeauty.com, the active ingredients are able to absorb better then because your sweat rate and body temperature lower while you sleep. You can reapply in the morning if you shower or just want extra sweat protection!

2. Cool sunburns with milk

Need to relieve a painful sunburn? Look no further than your kitchen! Combine equal parts milk, water, and ice cubes in a bowl. Soak a dishtowel in the mixture and press it onto the burned area for five minutes. According to a SELF article, the fat and protein in milk have anti-inflammatory benefits, and the ice reduces swelling.

3. Remove sweat stains with a lemon

According to an article by Yahoo!, you can salvage your sweat-stained shirts with a mixture of equal parts lemon and water. Scrub the mixture into the discolored fabric, and then wash the shirt as you regularly would. If it’s a sunny day, air-dry the shirt outside. The sunlight will work with the citric acid to better remove the stains!

4. Ward off bugs with a dryer sheet

A study from the journal HortScience found that dryer sheets contain ingredients that keep gnats at bay. Tuck a sheet into your pocket as an alternative to bug spray or set one by a windowsill. (Note: The study did not test on mosquitoes, so make sure you're using adequate protection in mosquito-infested areas!)

5. Lighten hair with natural ingredients

You can achieve sun-kissed locks without spending hours sweating in the sun! Spray wet hair with a mixture of two parts lemon juice and one part water (the lemon juice can dry out hair, so be sure to condition afterward). Repeat this once every few days for one or two weeks until you reach your desired shade. If you have darker hair, you may have better luck with this recipe

6. Prevent blisters with deodorant

Summer is the time to break out your cute ballet flats—and Band-Aids for the blisters they can cause! If your shoes are chafing your feet, swipe your deodorant along the inside of your shoe. According to Everyday Health, this will minimize moisture and friction, which worsen blisters.


Have a summer trick that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!