Welp, the Creator of 'Friends' Says a Revival Is Never, Ever Happening

Sorry to break it to you, Friends fans — but no matter how much we beg and plead for a revival of Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, Ross, Monica and Chandler (and despite the reboots of other *classics* like Gilmore Girls and Full House), it's looking like a Friends revival is pretty much never going to happen.

In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyFriends co-creators David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik were asked about the possibility of a reboot of the show, and the answer is definitely not what we were hoping for. As EW puts it, the question was met with "a swift no."

"We did it, and it’s done, and we did it right," Crane told EW. "You can’t go back," Klarik added. "You sit there and you go, 'Oh my god what happened to him? How did they get so old? And they’re not so funny anymore.'"

Cue the sound of our hearts breaking. While we can understand where they're coming from, we still wish we could be #blessed enough to get one more rendition of "Smelly Cat" from Phoebe, or hear Ross try to tell Rachel, "We were on a BREAK!" just one more time. *Sigh* Welp, guess we'll just go back to streaming all 236 episodes on Netflix over and over again.