These Popular Instagram Stars Never Talk About Their Islamophobic Mother & The Internet Is Starting To Notice

While a team of Insta-famous sisters have been busy managing their popular Instagram accounts and YouTube channels, they’ve also been actively distancing themselves from their vocally Islamophobic mother, conservative columnist, Pamela Gellar — in public, anyway.

The Daily Beast reports that Claudia, Jackie, Olivia and Margo Oshry are a team of sisters that have used their relatable Insta posts and recycled tweets to collect millions of Instagram followers. Claudia, who claimed her internet fame shortly after graduating college, has just under 3 million Insta followers via her @GirlWithNoJob account.

Nevertheless, Margo (aka @hungoverandhungry) and Jackie (@JackieOProblems) also run their own successful niche accounts. According to BuzzFeed, Olivia produces and manages Claudia and Jackie’s YouTube series, “The Morning Breath.”

Although all four siblings make a collaborative effort to hype each other up and retweet their fellow sisters’ posts, they have generally kept quiet about their problematic mother. As BuzzFeed reports, Gellar is a frequent Breitbart contributor and a conservative influencer who promotes anti-Islam campaigns, hate speech and ideology in her own career (and on her own Instagram). Gellar has waded into discourse around social media herself and has even hosted a panel on "social media censorship against conservatives" after many of her posts violated Instagram's terms. (After all, hate speech and discrimination are against most social media platforms rules and policies.)

Despite the sisters’ substantial following, they had been very quiet about their association with their mother before The Daily Beast's report came out. On Wednesday night, Claudia posted a video to her @GirlWithNoJob account on apologizing for "stupid," problematic tweets in the past that had resurfaced:


An apology to all of you.

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On Wednesday, an attorney representing Claudia also gave a statement to BuzzFeed that clarified that the sister's views were "separate" from their mother's: 

"We want to be clear to our audience and fans that our political and cultural beliefs are not anti-Muslim or anti-anyone. Our views are separate from our mother’s. Being raised by a single parent, we were taught to make our own choices based on our personal beliefs. We are inspired to think for ourselves and we do. We do not condone discrimination or racist beliefs of any kind."​