The Teaser for Taylor Swift's 'End Game' Music Video Is Here & It's Extra AF

Taylor Swift is about to drop another music video for another song off of Reputation called "End Game." The Internet is already flooded with teasers for the video featuring Ed Sheeran and Future and it honestly looks so extra.


Tonight at midnight eastern. #EndGameMusicVideo @future @teddysphotos

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In the teaser, she's partying on the beach, on a yacht and even in a bar with Ed Sheeran. I wonder if we'll see that rumored cameo from Katy Perry everyone was freaking out over. Taylor looks like she's out for revenge, much like the tone of the rest of her album, so I'm not surprised to see her with dark makeup and messy hair. 

The full video drops at midnight on Friday (a.k.a. tonight). I can't wait to see what else is in the video (if I know Taylor, probably plenty of Easter eggs) and what fans will have to say. Maybe Katy will actually make an appearance and cause an internet freak-out. We'll have to wait and see.