Taylor Swift Revealed That She Helped Set Up Ed Sheeran & His Fiancé Cherry Seaborn

Just in time for Valentine's Day, music's favorite BFFs Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are here with an adorable story about how Tay had a hand in setting up Ed and his now-fiancé Cherry Seaborn — and it turns out that Ed even references it in his 'End Game' rap.

In a newly-released behind-the-scenes video for the 'End Game' music video, Swift and Sheeran cover everything from the crazy lengths Taylor goes to in order to keep her music from being leaked, to what working on the song together was like. But the best part comes when the conversation moves to Ed's romantic IRL inspiration for the lyrics in his rap section of 'End Game.'

"I want to talk about the Fourth of July line, because that makes me really happy," Taylor says before singing his verse, "something was born on the Fourth of July," in her very best (and very British) Ed impression.


Things take a super sweet turn when Ed explains it all. "Well, you see, it’s kind of a play on words — well, not really a play on words," he says. "There’s a film with Tom Cruise called Born on the Fourth of July. My relationship started on the Fourth of July."

"At whose house?" Taylor asks, obviously knowing the answer.

"At Taylor’s house," Ed says. "So the story was, I was at Taylor’s party, and then a girl I went to school with who’s pretty cool ended up being in Rhode Island… I was like, 'Taylor, can she turn up?' And here we are."

Of course, that girl was none other than Ed's fiancé Cherry Seaborn, who he announced his engagement to last month. That's not even all, because Taylor also adds that she thinks Cherry is the "coolest" and references a "Happy Ed-ver-Cherry" (ha!) banner that she made them for their one year anniversary. Aww.

Moral of the story: always offer up your house party as an excuse for your bestie to invite their crush — but make sure they give your matchmaking skills a shout-out in your next hit song...or something like that.