Taylor Swift Officially Has Her Own App & 'Tay-mojis' Are Involved

It's been quite the year for Taylor Swift: a record-breaking new album, an upcoming tour that will probably-almost-definitely sell out and now, an app.

Called "The Swift Life," the app gives Swifties a positive place to interact (hater-free), along with access to exclusive photos, videos and news, Entertainment Weekly says. Oh, and something called "Tay-mojis," a.k.a. everything from Tay serving tea, to her cat Olivia, now available in emoji form to fans who complete special challenges to unlock them. (An obvious nod to Kim Kardashian West's famous Kim-mojis.)

Speaking of Olivia, Taylor took to Instagram on Sunday to announce the app's release with an IRL photo of her famous feline squad member, who hasn't made an appearance on Swift's Insta in quite some time — which TBH, was an early Christmas present in itself.

Naturally, she also posted the same photo to her app, along with the caption, "Welcome!! So happy this is finally out and we can talk on here."

Considering her fans have already rated it 4.9 stars out of five on the app store since its Friday release, "The Swift Life" is clearly going to be a hit.