Taylor Swift Has Announced the First 'Reputation' Tour Dates & Here's How to Score Tickets

Ever since the release of her first album in three years on Friday, we've been (impatiently) waiting on the Reputation tour dates that we knew would follow — and they're finally here.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Taylor Swift announced on Monday that her Reputation tour will include stops in 27 different cities throughout the U.S, with international tour dates to be announced later. According to Tay's website, the tour will start on May 8th in Phoenix and run through October, where it will wrap up in Arlington, Texas on October 6th.

In case you're trying to get your hands on tickets (and TBH, who isn't?) Swift has also set up a way for her fans to get priority access to tickets and to prevent scalpers and resale sites from nabbing them. Through Ticketmaster's "Verified Fan" program, fans are able to register ahead of the general public sale date on December 13th in order to get dibs on tickets, and they can boost their place in line by buying the album and Reputation merch. The Verified Fan presale will run from December 5th to December 8th.

BRB, just going to go apologize to my bank account in advance.