'Stranger Things' Season 2 Has Given Me a New Campaign for Justice

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Warning: The below contains spoilers from Season 2 of Stranger Things. If you haven't finished binging, turn back now!

All right, Stranger Nerds (I just made that up as a fandom name—thoughts?), it’s time to buckle up for another campaign for justice. It's time to raise your proverbial pitchforks, for we have a brand new fight ahead of us. I’m talking, of course, about #JusticeForBob, and boy, do I have some thoughts for you about it. I've irrevocably lost my roommate's trust by binging Stranger Things 2 without her, thus I cannot talk to her about my thoughts, and so here I am to talk to you. Needless to say, if you haven't finished Season 2 yet and are still here, it's time to turn back. 

In case you’ve somehow forgotten, Season 1 of Stranger Things kicked off the first of what might just be many rallies for justice. When Barb disappeared into the Upside Down, last seen with what I can only assume to be baby Demogorgon/Darts crawling out of her poor, lonely corpse, there was quite an uproar, for Barb had quickly captured the hearts of viewers everywhere. When the end of the season came without a hint of redemption for her cruel, untimely death, an internet campaign the likes of which we’ve never seen launched in her name. Memes, pleas, products and more cried for Justice for Barb.

Christmas came early, honey.

Season 2 brought a slight relief to Barb’s army (I just made that up, too—thoughts again??). Keeping the truth from Barb’s parents quite literally tore Nancy apart, and so she set off to expose the truth of what happened to Barb. Of course, nobody in their right mind would believe the truth, so they made enough changes to the story to make it believable, leading to the government admitting responsibility, ensuring that skipping town was no longer the thought on everyone's mind and giving the girl the funeral she deserved.

Barbara Holland, 5ever in our hearts. May you someday be fully honored in the way you deserved.

Of course, while Nancy and Jonathan fought to reveal the truth to the world and finally bring our beloved Barb to justice, an equally sinister demise was brewing. You couldn't just let us have this, huh, Duffers???

We should've known that this lovable, genuinely thoughtful character who tried maybe just a tad too hard wouldn't last. 

I'm talking, of course, about Bob.

The slightly dorky, totally doting Radio Shack man that loved Joyce Byers and all the crazy she had to offer. Who gave his fancy camera to Will for the Halloween mems. Who, instead of being angry when it was returned to him all banged up, ensured that the bullies that he thought led to the damage would be dealt with. Who brought brain teasers for Will to pass the time when he was "sick."

Bob was A+, okay? Bob deserved better! Bob deserved a lifetime of loving Joyce Byers and chilling her TF out. Like Barb, he didn't ask to get wrapped up in Upside Down drama. Barb just wanted to make sure Nancy was safe; Bob wanted to make sure Joyce and Will were safe. He didn't sign up to get effectively quarantined in the Hawkins lab, or play an integral role in restoring power to save our faves, and then get EATEN by one of Dart's brethren. But he DID. He DID get wrapped up in Upside Down drama, save our faves and get eaten by Dart’s brethren. And it’s just not fair.

Poor, clumsy Bob, who left behind his gun, knocked over a broom and took a second too long to behold the enigma that is Joyce Byers when he made it back to them. 

I’m declaring myself a leader of the Bob Squad (????), and I, too, demand justice.