Someone Hold My Hand During This 'Slender Man' Trailer

Remember when the horrifying figure known as Slenderman became a huge Internet trend? Well, now the tall, lanky figure without a face will be the star of a movie in theaters this spring. Warning: the trailer is creepy AF.

The Slender Man was once a huge deal online, and it inspired crimes across the US in 2014. The crimes ranged from two 12-year-old girls stabbing their friend in the woods to a man dressing as the figure to kill three people and then himself.

In this movie though, the man apparently doesn't kill anyone with his own hands. Instead, he possesses various characters into murders, which makes it all the scarier. Case in point: one of the scenes in the trailer shows a girl stabbing her eye with a scalpel in the middle of class. Yeah, that happened.

If you made it through the entire trailer already, I'm sure you can tell Slender Man is going to be extremely intense and horrifying. The bugs and blood were enough for me to cover my eyes, so if I go to this movie, I'm going to need someone to hold my hand. Set for release on May 18, 2018, Slender Man, will take over probably just as much as it did when the meme was originally invented and spread online. The movie does look interesting, but let's hope no Slenderman crimes will become a trend again.