Some Fans Think Kylie Jenner Already Gave Birth to Her Rumored Baby

Things have been awfully mysterious in the Kardashian-Jenner world lately, considering we still have no clue if Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant or not. The rumors have been flying around since September, but no one is certain the rumors are true.

There have been a few hints that she really is pregnant, such as the KarJenner Christmas card, where Kylie is M.I.A., otherwise, we're left in the dark. But, a fan theory has taken over Twitter where some believe Kylie already gave birth. Now that's a new one. 

Seriously, though. It's not completely outlandish to consider, as some old photos from September surfaced of the 20-year old and it looks like she had quite the baby bump then. It's also blurry, so who knows, maybe it's just the quality of the photo that makes her look super preggers. 

KarJenner fans have been going crazy on Twitter like they always do, saying Kylie totally had her bundle of joy already. The reactions are hilarious. 

Believe these theorists or not, it's kind of a reasonable assumption. If the photos show what we all think they do, maybe she was farther along sooner than we thought and really did give birth already. I hope we know soon, because the drama surrounding it all is getting out of hand.