Saint West Was Hospitalized For Pneumonia & Kim Wrote A Touching Message About His Health

The Kardashian-West family's end of 2017 plans were interrupted by a scary episode involving Kim and Kanye's two-year-old son Saint. According to TMZ, Saint was brought to an L.A. hospital (Dec. 28) where he received treatment for pneumonia. During his stay, Kim and Kanye took turns spending the night in what must have been an incredibly stressful time for the two of them. Fortunately, Saint was released Saturday (Dec. 30) and sources say he is now doing well at home.

On Tuesday, Kim took the time to update her followers with some touching tweets about the experience. In the first of two posts, Kim wrote "Pneumonia is so scary." According to the World Health Organization, Pneumonia is the largest infectious cause of death in children worldwide. An infection in the lungs, it can develop after a cold or the flu. Usually, children can fight it off, but, according to the British Lung Foundation, if their immune system is weakened, such as after a cold, they're at higher risk of developing sever pneumonia.

After sharing the news that Saint had recovered, Kim thoughtfully tweeted her thanks to the hospital staff who had helped get little Saint back on his feet. 

With everyone now safe and sound at home, the family can get back to preparing for another busy year. There's a lot to look forward too, including a baby sister for Saint and North and the launch of a new KKW Beauty Product. Here's to a safe and healthy 2018!