The Lyrics in This 'Reputation' Song Apparently Made Taylor Swift's Parents Leave the Room During a Listening Party

Taylor Swift is all grown up from the 16-year-old who blessed us with songs like Fearless and Fifteen — so it makes sense that the singer would want to venture into some more mature territory on her latest album Reputation. But one song has such steamy lyrics that it apparently made her parents leave the room during a secret listening session Swift held with fans.

As Hello Giggles reports, Swifties were freaking out after listening to "Dress" at a Reputation listening party because Scott and Andrea Swift, a.k.a. Tay's mom and dad, were blushing, covering their ears and eventually had to leave the room when Taylor played what we now know after yesterday's release, is a super intimate song.

Of course, with such a sexy song comes speculation about who it might be about. While the obvious answer seems like Joe Alwyn, some fans have speculated it could have been written about Ed Sheeran considering the lyrics include, "There is an indentation of the shape of you," which some think could be a reference to Sheeran's hit song, and the line, "I don't want you like a best friend," hinting at Swift and Sheeran's longtime friendship. Possible? Sure. Unlikely? Yes, considering Tay seems to be pretty head-over-heels for Alwyn, as tons of other tracks on the album would indicate.

At the very least, Taylor has given us all one more song to add to our hookup playlists.