LeBron James Is Coming To A Big Screen Near You As He Prepares To Produce & Star In An Upcoming Comedy & I Can’t Wait

After signing a $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers just over a week ago (and not to mention altering the course of NBA history), it looks like LeBron James is already working on the next big thing, setting his sights off the court and crafting a film that could generate some major bank.

Though we don’t know all the details about this mystery movie yet, the film is rumored to be a comedy, with James aiming to take the lead and the potential filming studio being Paramount Players. James has partnered with Steve Mallory (the film’s intended scriptwriter) and co-producer Maverick Carter from SpringHill Entertainment (James’s entertainment company). There are also a few other key players in the works like Ali Bell and Gabby Canton, who would be working with the film from the Paramount Players side, and Jamal Henderson and Spencer Beighley, who would run matters for SpringHill.

The funny flick would not be James’ first time dabbling in Hollywood. You may recall the NBA star’s role (as himself) in Judd Aptow’s 2015 picture, Trainwreck. Aside from acting, James has made his mark within the production realm of the film world. Following SpringHill’s decision to sell Hustle to Legendary Entertainment (co-produced by James and Roth/Kirschenbaum), James earned a spot in the Producers Guild and is producing a remake to '90s coming of age film, House Party.

Though James’s upcoming motion picture is not set in stone just yet, we can still cross our fingers and hope for the b-ball icon's speedy return to theaters!