Kylie Jenner Wears Ring With Initials 'J.W.' But What Does It Mean? Here's What We Know

Usually the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan like to keep us guessing, leaving it up to us to speculate over the meaning behind their mysterious new jewelry and tattoos, or keeping us in the dark about major life changes.

Wednesday night, however, there was no mystery about Kylie Jenner’s shiny new “J.W.” ring. Showing off her brand new bling on Snapchat with the caption “Jacques Webster & Jordyn Woods. Real ones. Ok…”

Jacques Webster is Travis Scott's real name, and Jordyn Woods is none other than her bestie we see her with all the time, so she left no mystery as to what the ring represented for her. So for those thinking the initials belong to some new man she’s seeing, or that it's an engagement ring, as you can see that's not the case. Kylie and current boyfriend Travis Scott are reportedly stronger than ever with the arrival of their new baby Stormi, though, according to E! News.

The rapper actually teamed up with Kylie's BFF Jordyn to buy this ring.

If I ever got a friendship ring as nice as this $450, 14 karat gold ring, I’d be ok without an engagement ring too.

Image: courtesy of Disney/ABC on Flickr