Khloé Kardashian & OITNB's Asia Kate Dillon Had a Super Important Convo About Prefixes

With all the quarreling celebs, it’s refreshing to see two stars having a mindful, productive discussion. After Khloé Kardashian inadvertently misgendered actor Asia Kate Dillon when the Kardashian used the wrong prefix, it opened up a necessary lesson for their followers.

Teen Vogue reports that Billions star Asia Kate Dillon, whom you might also recognize from Orange is the New Black, used them’s Twitter account to spark up a virtual convo with Khloé about the show. In response, Khloé tweeted her praise for the show and them’s role in the series.

“Ughhhh I was so caught off guard by Taylor’s move! Now I’m on fucking pins and needles for season 4! Miss Asia, you don’t disappoint,” Khloé wrote.

However, Asia corrected Khloé’s use of her prefix, clarifying that they identity as non-binary. “I love love love that you're so into the show! And, as a non-binary person myself (like Taylor) I use, 'Mx.' (instead of 'Miss', 'Ms.' or 'Mr.' as my prefix.). As in, Mx. Asia or Mx. Dillon. Say word,” Asia tweeted.

After realizing that she accidentally misgendered Mx. Asia with her improper use of the pronoun, Khloé immediately apologized and used the correct pronoun. “Oh my goodness! My sincerest apologies! Thank you for telling me Mx. Asia!!” Khloé tweeted.

Beyond showing that celebrities can continually learn from each other, and even correct each other without taking offense, Khloé and Asia’s Twitter interaction sets a vital example for their fans and followers. Not only can you have a healthy interaction about gender and subsequent pronouns, but you can also adapt your preconceived notions about gender itself. After all, we’re constantly learning and our knowledge should grow to include everyone and the full extent of their identities.

Mx. Asia discussed they’s non-binary gender identity with Yahoo earlier this year. And, this star-studded duo’s supportive discussion about gender can show others that you might not know someone’s gender (or lack thereof) from just looking at them, but you can learn about their gender. (Better yet, you can learn how to appropriately use gender pronouns and prefixes.)