It's National Selfie Day, Here Are 10 Celebs Who've Mastered The Art Of A Self-Pic

In 2018, it can be hard to imagine a time without the selfie. Celebrities, world leaders and even our parents have latched on to this trend. And while some may categorize selfies as the ultimate expression of millennial vanity, these modern self portraits are more than that. Selfies help us showcase our confidence and highlight our individuality, while also providing a practical way to take group pictures (no more searching for a random stranger to snap a pic of you and your squad).

In the brief history of the selfie, celebs have certainly helped the selfie gain mainstream popularity. So, in honor of National Selfie Day, here are 10 celebrities who have mastered the art.

1. Selena Gomez

She knows that sometimes the greatest selfies must include a member of the squad.


2.  Anna Kendrick

Her selfies are never anything less than cool.


Look what I found 🕵🏻‍♀️#GRAMMYs @bensplatt

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3. Taylor Swift

Question: Does it count as a TSwift selfie if it doesn't include one of her cats?


Just over here daydreaming about playing Manchester tomorrow...

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4. Zendaya

It's a scientific fact that it is impossible for Zendaya to take a bad picture.


Taking photos of yourself with the back camera can be difficult...but worth it.

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5. Kylie Jenner

Whether Stormi is included or not, Kylie's selfies are always fantastic!


i spy with my little eye...

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6. Zac Efron

What his selfies lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.


May your holidays be epic. #happyholidays

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7. Lucy Hale

She knows that natural light + portrait mode = a darn good photo


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8. Demi Lovato

She can selfie with the best of them.


Selling out fast! Click the link in bio to shop! #DIFFxDEMI @diffeyewear

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9. Timothée Chalamet

A relative newcomer to the celeb social media scene, he definitely has the most relatable selfies.


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10. Josh Horowitz

The MTV correspondent and host of the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast always gets the most iconic selfies with the biggest stars.


What are you waiting's time to selfie it up!