The Internet Is Claiming Meghan Markle Is Actually A Robot After This Video Surfaced & I'm Totally Creeped Out

Celebrity conspiracy theories have been around for decades, but over the years, they’ve gotten even more far-fetched—from people claiming that Britney Spears perfectly timed her scandals in the 2000s to distract from mistakes made by the Bush administration, to the Brazilian fans who were, like 99 percent sure that Beyonce had kidnapped Sia.

But here’s a new one that’s been making the rounds on Twitter recently: What if Meghan Markle is actually a robot? *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Okay, so last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seemingly made an appearance on the finale of Britain’s Got Talent, according to Cosmopolitan. But the video footage of the newlyweds sitting in the audience was more than a little creepy—check it out.

You probably noticed the first time you watched, but in case you didn’t, Meghan and Harry didn’t blink once. Their eyes didn’t move at all, and their smiles didn’t shift. I mean, we all know the royals put on a good face for the public, but this is beyond reason.

Of course, Twitter immediately reacted to the video by reaching a very logical and well-researched conclusion: Meghan Markle is a robot. Obviously.





But before you start buying into this theory, I’m going to have to rain on your parade: Meghan is not a robot at all. Sorry! Neither is Harry. In fact, they weren't even at Britain’s Got Talent at all—it was actually two non-royals wearing masks of their faces to promote the new Harry and Meghan wax figures at Madame Tussauds in London. The new figures, for the first time ever, will be live, which will “allow fans to get one step closer to interacting with the newlyweds,” according to the Madame Tussauds website. Because apparently wax figures can get even creepier, folks.

So there you have it! Meghan Markle is still a human being, and I am still thoroughly amused and slightly concerned by Twitter’s general lack of research whenever literally anything happens.