'Get Out' Is Returning To Select Theaters Nationwide For Free On Presidents' Day

Jordan Peele, Get Out's writer and director, has said before that the film isn't meant to be viewed at home. "If you don't see it with the theater energy, you'll miss the full intended experience," Peele tweeted. So if you missed the opportunity to catch Get Out in theaters, you may have another chance.

Peele and Universal Pictures announced on Tuesday that 55 AMC theaters across the country will offer free screenings of the film on Monday, February 19 — a.k.a. Presidents' Day. 

"When Jordan approached us about a way to thank fans one year after the release of Get Out, we thought a Presidents' Day screening during Black History Month would be a wonderful way to commemorate the film's impact," said Jim Orr, Universal Pictures' president of distribution. "The success of his stunning vision would not have been possible without the audience's passion for both Get Out's groundbreaking storytelling and its deft use of art as society's mirror." 

Peele can be seen in a new Twitter video, explaining that both he and Universal Pictures wanted to "give something back" to fans. He reiterated the importance of seeing the film in theaters rather than anywhere else. "It's all about that theatrical experience," he said. 

"Enjoy it with other people. Get ready to use your voices. I don't care if you've seen it one time, two times, three times, if you bring somebody who's never seen it and you watch them watch it— whatever!" Peele said. 

Visit GetOutOneYearLater.com to see if a theater near you is participating.