Country Singer Sarah Darling Talks 'Wasted' & Her Musical Inspirations (Exclusive Q&A)

If you're a diehard country music fan and haven't listened to Sarah Darling, you're missing out on an experience like no other. Sarah has been in the music business for over 15 years, released multiple albums and opened for big names like Carrie Underwood and Kacey Musgraves. With a half-million downloads around the world and two hit music videos on CMT and GAC, she's continuing to rise the ranks and will be standing alongside the most well-known country stars in no time at all.

Her Campus spoke with Sarah Darling about the release of her new (but old) single "Wasted," her songwriting process, dream collaborations, what she hopes to accomplish in the future as a singer and more.

Her Campus: Your new single “Wasted” is one you’ve sung before, can you describe its change in sound? What specifically made you want to start performing it again?

Sarah Darling: “Wasted” is a track that’s been around a while. I wrote it early on when I first moved to Nashville. It’s a true story about a family member of mine that was going through a difficult time in their marriage because of addiction. At the time, I was younger and played it more anthemic. Then I stopped playing it for several years. Fast forward 10 years and I started playing it completely different, so the story could shine through. It’s definitely a bit more sad and longing, which I think is what it’s supposed to be.

HC: Have you always wanted to be a singer? How did you get into country music as a genre?

SD: Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a singer. I came into the world loving music, and my mom said I started putting on mini shows at age four. It’s always been there. Country music has always been close to my heart. My grandfather introduced me to the genre when I was little. It means more and more as time goes on. It represents authenticity, family and sometimes even sadness.

HC: Who are your musical inspirations? Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with?

SD: I’m a big fan of Coldplay, Norah Jones, LeeAnn Womack and Joni Mitchell to name a few. I would love to collaborate with Chris Martin.  

HC: What’s your songwriting process like?

SD: This is a magical process really. It’s never the same each time for me. However, if I’m supposed to write something, the idea will not leave my head until I do! I write using lots of yellow sticky notes and compile.  


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HC: How long does it take you to write a song?

SD: This varies, but my favorites are sometimes written slower. “Where Cowboys ride” took a couple days.

HC:  What’s one thing you wish you knew at the beginning of your singing career that you know now?

SD: Trust your instinct. When you are young, it’s easy to be influenced. I have definitely changed over the years and am better because of it. It’s okay to fight for what you want. 

HC: What do you hope to accomplish as a singer that you haven’t yet?

SD: I’d love to go on a world tour and play a show with a symphony behind me. That would be epic!