Cole Sprouse Promises Jason Blossom's Killer Will Be Revealed Before Season 1 of 'Riverdale' Is Over

Riverdale may only be in its first season, but it's already keeping viewers on their toes. However, unlike many other teen mystery dramas (*cough* Pretty Little Liars *cough*), this show promises not to keep the identity of a murderer secret until its last season.

In an A.V. Club interview, Cole Sprouse (aka our beloved Jughead) claims Jason Blossom's killer will be revealed by the end of this season. “It needs to be said that we do resolve who killed Jason in season one. This is not like we’re going to string it out for you guys over six seasons,” he promises. Thank God.

The show’s cast has already shared their theories. Ugh. As if they don’t already know. Why must they toy with our emotions?

Look on the bright side: At least we'll be in the loop soon, too.

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