Backstreet's Back, Alright! BSB Release New Song 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' & I’m Finally Complete

Just as you were comfortably recouping from finals week and thinking of innovative excuses to tell your parents why you can’t be bothered to do the dishes, the Backstreet Boys reunited to create a new bop for you to memorize.

While your favorite childhood pastime was learning how to dance to the BSB’s latest songs (and coping from the trauma that ensued when your besties couldn’t keep up with the choreography), the Backstreet Boys just dropped their first single in five years. According to the Rolling Stone, the new BSB single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” is just the start of the group’s musical comeback (granted, they never really left in our minds).

Rolling Stone adds that “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is a teaser for the band’s upcoming ninth album, which they plan to release later this year.

PEOPLE notes that Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough have collectively used their social media accounts to promote the group’s single. However, we still weren’t ready. 

Between the piano introduction, the synchronized hand motions and the harmonious falsettos, it’s nearly impossible to pick our favorite part of this music video (which just gives us more of an excuse to play this on repeat until we decide).