Ariana Grande May Have Just Confirmed Her Engagement In A Series Of Tweets & We're Totally Living For It

We’ve totally been freaking out since we found out that Ariana Grande and new boyfriend Pete Davidson are reportedly engaged. While we have all been anxiously biting our nail beds wondering if it’s true or not, Ariana may have just confirmed it all in a series of tweets.

While not outright saying "yes, we're engaged," Ariana went on a like-spree on Twitter, liking several of fans celebratory congratulations, emotional, and some hilarious tweets.

She also took to replying to tweets about the engagement, marriage and being referred to as Mrs. Davidson.

When a fan tweeted that they hope he knows he’s marrying the fandom as well, Ariana replied to assure everyone that he very well knows.

She even referenced an inside joke with Camila Cabello about them being married after Camila called Ari her wife last year, tweeting her “we need to talk @Camila_Cabello.”

Camila responded by telling her to “keep the ring” and that she’s “taking the cannolis” and references the dogs from her wife tweet by wondering “who’s keeping the dogs tho?”

The two kept the convo rolling as Ariana reassured Camila that she’ll be the one taking the cannolis and Camila can keep the kids. Camila came back with a hilarious “see u in court …..”

One thing that is consistent is the amount of love Ariana gives out, constantly reminding her fans how much she loves them and how thankful she is that they’re with her for this ride. We can only hope the very best for her and what’s to come as (potentially) Mrs. Davidson.