Apparently, Steve Trevor Might STILL Be Alive in 'Wonder Woman 1984' & We Can Finally Stop Mourning

This contains spoilers about Wonder Woman if, for whatever reason, you still haven’t seen the movie (despite the fact that it’s been out on DVD since Aug. 29, 2017 so not sure what you're waiting for).

If there’s anything we’ve learned from comic books and superhero movies is that those beloved characters we mourn after their demise hardly ever stay dead. Just like Selena Kyle was (thankfully) resurrected in DC Comics, Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor might still be alive in Wonder Woman 1984.

According to E! News, some photos from the set of the next Wonder Woman film show Chris Pine’s Captain Tiberius Kirk Steve Trevor, well, alive. That’s right, Trevor might still be alive, but how?

While Gizmodo notes that Steve sacrificed himself toward the end of the first Wonder Woman film (and TBH, we’re still not over it), it seems like Steve somehow survived a literal explosion and is sporting a full-tracksuit in the second installment of the franchise. However, even if Steve Trevor survived that crash, the first movie took place during World War I. Judging by the set pics, it doesn’t look like Steve aged at all in 70 years. Clearly, he has some explaining to do—namely what his skincare regime is, what probiotic he’s taking, and which witch he sold his soul in exchange for his immortally flawless skin.

Seriously, does this mean the DCEU is pulling a play from the MCU’s book and Trevor is pulling a Steve Rogers in Wonder Woman 1984? Not necessarily.

Although the set photos look like Steve Trevor, that might not actually be Mr. Trevor. In DC Comics, Steve Trevor has a metahuman lookalike called Captain Wonder (who’s basically just a spirit world clone of Trevor). Captain Wonder made his debut in Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #289, which was printed in 1982 and deceptively close to the specific year in Wonder Woman 1984—so this could be a cunning callout to Captain Wonder’s inaugural appearance in the comics (and a spoiler-filled Easter egg for DC fans).

Granted, this potential Steve Trevor imposter could still be an imposter—just not the Captain Wonder imposter we all know and hate to love. Seeing as DC Comics are basically synonymous with their multiverses and some of the DC television series (namely those within the Arrowverse) are known for their interdimensional travels, this “Steve Trevor” could be a Steve Trevor from one of the infinite other Earths.

But the Steve Trevor in the set photos could just be the same Steve Trevor that we sobbed about in Wonder Woman. Director Patty Jenkins used her Twitter account to welcome Trevor to the set of Wonder Woman 1984. “Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor! #WW84,” Jenkins tweeted. After all, Themyscira is home to the Fountain of Youth (at least on certain Earths in DC's myriad of dimensions). Maybe that spring that Trevor bathed in, in Wonder Woman, was the famous Fountain of Youth, which would explain his youthfulness...just not his pulse.

Still, we can’t help but wonder if this Steve Trevor is the real Steve Trevor. (Will the real Steve Trevor please stand up?)

Nevertheless, Steve Trevor has a critical role in the Wonder Woman and Justice League comic book story arcs, in both the post-flashpoint and post-crisis timelines. Honestly, we’re just glad that Trevor is returning to the DCEU.