Aaron Carter Just Released a Remix of 'I Want Candy' & I'm Freaking Out

Singer and songwriter Aaron Carter surprised everyone this Valentine's Day by dropping a remix of "I Want Candy," a song from his first album in 15 years. For fans of Carter when he was a teen heartthrob and sang "I Want Candy" on an episode of Lizzie McGuire, this revamped version sung by 30-year-old Carter is sure to fill you with nostalgia. 

The new album, titled LøVë was just released on Friday and includes 5 new songs. He has called each of the songs "individual stories," one of which is dedicated to his late father. 

Carter was previously in rehab for two months and has stated that he now feels "cautiously optimistic." Carter's new music is exciting for both his original and fresh fan base, so hopefully, he'll continue to make more music in the future. 

Until then, you can listen to his new remix here.