We Tried This Totally Instagrammable Furniture Line, & It's Artsy AF

In our new dorms and apartments, we think about the basics: mattress, lighting, storage, how long can we keep the mattress on the ground and save money by skipping a frame? But once you have the basics down, then comes the fun part: decorating. While we can, of course, reach for the string lights and the fake plants, we've been putting a lot more thought into our ~accent pieces~ so we can live our best lives. In the name of stepping up our decor game, we tried out Society6's new furniture line, and, you guys, we're honestly in love.

We're unique, and our spaces should be, too, so we're always down to spice up our home decorating game. What's ridiculously cool about Society6's furniture line is that they come in endless designs. Crafted by individual artists, you can get credenzas, coffee tables, side tables, benches, bar stools and counter stools that are not just truly adorable, but also seriously high quality. LBR: it can be risky to buy furniture on the internet, but it's 2018 and all we want to do is online shop. So the fact that we can snatch up a bar stool or two, support an artist, and get a work of art that 100% matches our aesthetic is kind of a dream come true.

Our editors picked their fave pieces below, and we're so excited to share these with you. We hope they inspire your own inner interior designer, and get you lots of Insta-love, because we're preeetty sure you're going to want to grab something for yourself once you see how freaking cute this stuff is. 

1. This delicate line-art side table, $159

"The most important things for my space is that it's comfortable - I want to be able to sit here for 8 hours straight and not move - and has a lot of personality," Gina said. "Lots of pretty colors are ideal."

A nice, subtle orange, with loads of super dainty details, this side table is absolutely dreamy. The white detailing showcases everything from faces to plants to teensy shapes, and it's a major personality piece. 

2. This on-trend tropical bench, $299

"I like for my space to be minimal, with subtle pops of color rather than anything too overwhelming," Rachel said. "I tend to like cool tones and more of a beachy feel since I live by the beach." 

This year, nothing is in quite like plants are. We finally realized that maybe being plant moms isn't our forte (though we really wish it was), but, luckily, there are other ways for us to keep the plant vibes alive. With this plant bench, you can get a bright pop of color with several shades of green while maintaining your trendy minimalism. 

3. This patterned bedside table with pops of gold, $159

"I'm really into the minimalist look, and want to highlight my white brick wall," Felicity said. "In three words, my style is minimal, chic, and character, because the pieces that are unique to you will really help pull the look together."

Felicity totally lived her best life with this plant-themed table (see how trendy plants are RN?), which she uses as a bedside table to add a mix of greens, yellows, and whites to her neutral-toned space.

4. This chic banana leaf bench, $299

"I prioritize versatility above all else," Elaina said. "When it comes to how I decorate my place, I want for everything involved to be comfortable, versatile, simple, yet chic."

This custom-made and printed bench definitely accomplishes that. It's surprisingly soft, making it just as cozy for inviting friends over as it is to push it against the foot of your bed and use it in place of "The Chair" (because, let's be real, we all have that one place where the not quite dirty, but not quite clean, clothes go to live). Pro tip: you can also get these benches with either gold or black legs, allowing you to seriously curate your living space. 

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